Lakeville's Candidate for State Representative, District 58A

Amy Willingham is running for State Representative, District 58A, Lakeville. Amy grew up in Lakeville and is raising her three kids there with her husband, Steve, a long time teacher and volleyball coach in the district. She was never politically active before last fall when she had enough with state and local policies that left kids in classroom with too many students. She watched as music, art and physical education programs were devastated. So Amy did what Amy often does: she got involved to change things and led the local school referendum effort that passed by over a 2 to 1 margin. Education remains her number one issue.

It was because of her leadership on the school referendum that many in the community recognized her abilities and recruited her to run for the state legislature. "I have never been involved in partisan politics and in fact voted more times for Republican candidates than Democratic candidates. So I was surprised and honored when local Democrats recruited and then endorsed me to run for office. I spent a lot of time praying and seeking wise counsel before I agreed to run. I am passionately moderate and think that politicians need to put their community and constituents ahead of their party. I am a uniter and I will work across the aisle to bring people together to end the gridlock." 

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